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May 7, 2012 12:00am EDT
with rupert or james murdoch concerning a bid for british sky broadcasting. the prime minister was summoned before the house of commons monday to answer questions of alleged breach of ministerial conduct by jeremy hunt. it was revealed last week that mr. hunt had ties to james murdoch and news international during the bidding process during b sky b. >> order, urgent question. mr. speaker ask the prime minister if he'll refer the conduct of the secretary of state culture olympic with respect to his dealings with the news-- >> when asked this question, they made a full statement. let me set out the position again. i set up the inquiry last summer to investigate the culture ethics and practices of the media, and the relations between the media and the police and the media and politicians. it is a full inquiry with evidence given under oath and full access to papers and records. no government before has ever taken such comprehensive action. it is this government that is putting these issues properly on the table and getting them dealt with. mr. speaker, let me deal with the three issues in this
May 1, 2012 8:00pm EDT
there would no definitive evidence -- there was no definitive evidence to prove whether james murdoch was aware of the e-mail or other evidence that indicates phone hacking was more widespread, the committee was never the less astonished he did not seek to see the evidence on which the decision to pay the settlement was based. the committee also went on to conclude by majority vote that corporately, "news of the world" and "news international misled the committee. and they had failed to disclose documents, which would have revealed the truth. as a result of these various attempts to mislead the committee, the report that we published in 2010 was not based on a fully accurate picture. other results of this, the committee had decided that we will table a motion in the house of commons, asking the house to endorse our conclusion about misleading evidence and we will [unintelligible] our report to the liaison committee [unintelligible] i believe one or two of my colleagues wish to add. >> we have been led up the garden path by "news international,"but so were the public and the victims of
May 1, 2012 5:00am EDT
about the phone-hacking practice at the newspaper. they are going to consider the role of james murdoch. he has denied knowing of any wrongdoing at the newspaper. joining me now is our political correspondent, naomi. has hard to get any information about what the report findings will be. >> it looks like they will have criticism of the managers. they thought three managers there actually misled parliament. that is a very serious accusation, and it will be a big stain on their character if that's the case. the committee will stop short of accusing james murdoch of misleading parliament. there is a suggestion he should have can asked more questions with this phone-hacking scandal. >> what is the bigger consideration of considering the ethics of this media and the world? >> the corporation holds a 39 -- the news corporation holds a 39% stake. but because of the allegations swirling around dealing with hacking, they are looking into whether the company is fit and proper to hold a broadcasting license in this country. so were the committee to come out with severe criticism, suggesting that t
May 1, 2012 6:00am EDT
get away from is the fact that james murdoch knew in terms what the secretary of state was going to say before he said it had before commercial operators in opposition to murdoch knew it. is that clear example of collusion and a shabby deal between the prime minister and murdoch? >> i would have thought that when he stands up in this house should make an apology. he stood up last week and claimed a series of facts, based on privileged access he has had. the facts turned out to be wrong. a man of honor would stand up and apologize. >> speak up. [unintelligible] >> that is in sharp contrast to a process, directed by the high bidder. >> order, order. most questions have focused on the terms of the urgent questions. that was a million miles away from it, completely out of order. >> a proposed takeover bid it was given the same level of scrutiny as the b sky b has been given. >> the transparency and scrutiny has been a proper process. he took steps that were not welcomed by news corp. he was open and taking transparent advice. >> getting better employment rights than the rest of the w
May 2, 2012 5:00pm EDT
james misled the committee. members were divided over language that said corporate murdoch's unfit to run a major international company. this is one hour and 15 minutes. >> you have by now had time to read the committee. the report. we will make brief statements before we move to questions. i should say that the report concentrates not entirely but in large part on the issue of whether this committee was misled in the evidence it received press of play during its 2009 inquiry. although we go on to draw wider conclusions. it is important to say that the committee has not made any comment about the knowledge or the evidence of any individuals who have been arrested. we have deliberately refrained from doing so because we are conscious of a risk that any comments [unintelligible] might bring a possible criminal trial. the committee did conclude unanimously that les hinton misled the committee in 2009 in not telling the truth about the payments made to clyde goodman and his role in authorizing the them and payments of legal fees. the committee was misled also in some far as he did not
May 11, 2012 12:00pm EDT
of james rupert murdoch, from that point of course there is no evidence the jury meeting with mr. brown. is that fair? you did say your list may not be complete in relation to mr. brown. >> i know my list is not complete. i am not sure. i'm sure tony blair had to release the formal and informal meetings and i'm pretty sure if they have, there will be meetings at downing street with mr. brown from that. in may, right up until september. i don't know how many there are. >> the topic of conversation on the third of may 2009 to remember any specific events. did it cover political issues? >> it was done in general terms. there were people at the lunch, but again late 2009, i'm not quite sure that my memory is correct, but i am pretty sure the european constitution debate what shall we say at large as well as afghanistan at the time. so they may have been two of the issues. >> we know on the ninth of september 2009, mr. james murdoch called mr. cameron is the drink of the george that "the sun" was support the conservative party in the next election and the headline was on the front page. i th
May 11, 2012 9:00am EDT
saw some during the evidence given by james murdoch. >> and when they were drawn to our attention that way, did it surprise you in any way? >> will i think the truth is at the time, at the time the bskyb bid, i suppose, like most journalists i viewed public affairs and obvious with quite skepticism and often thought that mr. michel's perhaps overextended position. however, he was doing his job. you know, he was passing on information as lobbyists do. >> how do you know he was overrating his position of? >> i suppose because as journalists we would have quite direct contact with ministers and prime ministers, you know, in the course of our work. but i always thought it was slightly strange that he had that level. not quite strange. that's not fair. the level that came out was pretty good really. >> a couple of documents, 163 e-mails, picture you, only a couple. krm-18. we have one of them under tab 17 in the bundle. we can probably put it up on the screen. i'm not sure if would be available to anybody else. in the file, 101,657, you may have it as a separate piece of paper. let us
May 8, 2012 10:00pm PDT
-mail would eventually thrust james murdoch, rupert's son, into the scandal. as head of european operations, he had made the fateful decision to settle e gordon taylor case with a huge check. he denies it was hush money, but the sum was unprecedented. >> we got, including the legal costs, et cetera, something like £725,000. >> bergman: was this a record settlement? >> it wasn't just a record, it smashed all records. by comparison, the previous awards of damages for invasion of privacy for nonpublished stories had been in the region of £3,000, 10,000, £15,000, so this was off the scale. it was an enormous sum. >> bergman: under the settlement taylor's lips were sealed. the evidence of criminal behavior at news international would be kept secret. but tguardian got hold of the story and, in a front-page splash, accused the company of suppressing evidence and revealed there were thousands of mobile phones that were hacked. it was an assault that immediately was met with a stunning counteroffensive. first the police took issue with the guardian's revelations. >> their potential targets may
May 17, 2012 9:00pm PDT
back to the beginning, to that enormous £725,000 settlement with gordon taylor. james murdoch had approved the payment. now members of parliament wanted to know if he had previously lied to them about a cover-up. >> mr. murdoch, did you mislead this committee in your original testimony? >> no, i did n. >> so if you didn't, who did? >> as i've said to you, as i've written to you and i've said publicly, um... >> bergman: his position was that two other senior executives of news corporation had misled the committee. >> so was it mr. crone, a respected lawyer and in-house legal adviser for many years? >> yes. >> so do you think mr. myler misled us as well? >> i believe their testimony was misleading, and i dispute it. >> do you think mr. pike, a partner at farrers... >> bergman: james murdoch led the news that night. for mark lewis, who wouldn't give up under intimidation, like the mp tom watson, persistence had kept the story alive. you've said that but for pure chance, pure serendipity, it's very possible none of this would have come out. >> correct. the journey, which is something
May 2, 2012 12:00pm EDT
or not james murdoch was aware of the for neville e-mail or, indeed, other evidence which indicated that phone hacking was widespread, the committee was nevertheless astonished that he did not seek to see the evidence of which the decision to pay the settlement in the gordon taylor case was based. the committee also went on, again, to conclude by majority vote that corporately the "the news of the world" and news international had misled the committee repeatedly about the true extent and nature of the investigations that they claim to have carried out in relation to phone hacking. and that they had failed to disclose documents which would have revealed the truth. as a result of these various attempts to mislead the committee, the report that we published in 2010 was not based on a fully-accurate picture. as a result of this, the committee has decided that we will table a motion in the house of commons, asking the house to endorse our conclusions about misleading evidence, and we will also refer our report to the liaison committee which is looking into questions related to the powers and effect
May 6, 2012 9:00pm EDT
't need to. she said her that she heard the evidence of james murdoch. he is there are better of standards. what complete nonsense. i am not belittling this issue, it is a serious issue. the investment, the death. let me say this to the right hon. gentleman. it is bad judgment, rotten politics, and plain wrong. [inaudible] >> order. order. >> every liberal democrat leader and party of both houses has tried to break the insidious relationship between labor and tory government. and the inquiry is doing an excellent job. does the prime minister asserted that the confidence of the public, [inaudible] and possibly in the future, it should be done independently and not an extension of the prime minister of the day? >> i very much agree with what my hon. friend says. i think we should be frank. the relationship between the media and police and the media and politicians have not been dealt with properly under governments of both labor and conservative. it gives us an opportunity to deal with this. this specific issue, i have to say, what is more robust than a judgment inquiry with ministers under
May 11, 2012 10:30pm EDT
james murdoch. >> he is public affairs for news corp europe. and at the anderson is corporate communications for news corp.. >> the bid is still with dr. cable, you understand. this is december 2000. it is necessary to keep the cabinet ministers. why do think you are copied into this e-mail? >> i was not copied into many of them. there be regular meetings of people who were iengaged in the bid. i am not sure why particularly. >> the next one is the same file. >> are you going to 1679? >> yes. >> a lot 3 e-mails are on the same sheet. >> i found an earlier one. the most beloved one -- relevant one is 1679. it states the 14th of december, 2010. it is sent from mr. michelle to mr. james murdoch. >> you obviously have the chronology. >> three minutes later, you replied to mr. mashal. - mr. michelle. the reason why you replied so quickly. you said you had dinner with mr. osborn the night before. you discussed the issues letter with mr osborne the night before a request i must have done. >> the reference to g.o. is to him personally. barbour you discussing the issue with mr. osborn
May 14, 2012 12:40am EDT
knew that it was with and a period of time that you referred to with james murdoch, that it would happen. >> can we see how specific you can be. >> what was he told? >> they had a discussion which is this is what they will probably do. the timing was a matter of discussion with the political scene there. the timing conversation was not with david cameron or his advisers. were you responsible for the timing of the decision. >> in terms of the conference season, yes. >> i was certainly instrumental in it. ultimately, of rupert murdoch is the boss. as were others. >> you are the driving force behind it or not? >> i was instrumental, not the driving force. it was pretty collective in terms of everyone's view, particularly their readership that we were going to distance ourselves from the labor party that we have supported for many years. in terms of the timing it was quite a small group. >> and you are part of that small group? >> yes. >> the timing was careful. it was designed to cause a maximum political damage, would you agree? >> the discussion on the time and was this, it would b
May 1, 2012 7:00am EDT
committee has heavily criticized rupert murdoch and his son, james, over the phone hacking scandal at the now-defunct "news of the world" tabloid paper. he said he was -- said he was not a fit person to have stewardship over a major international company. >> that corporately at news world and news international misled the committee repeatedly about the true extent of the nature of the what they claimed to have carried out in decision to the phone hacking and failed to disclose documents that would have revealed the truth. as a result of these various attempts to mislead the committee, the report we published in 2010 was not based on a fully accurate picture. >> so they have the chairman of the kul which you ared media there. let's talk to our correspondent who has been following the events from central london. naomi, this is quite damning, isn't it? when the committee talks about rupert murdoch not being a fit person to exercise sturdeship, isn't it? >> it is. >> it says of rupert murdoch, he turns a blind eye and exhibited willful blindness as to what was going on in his company's
May 2, 2012 1:00am EDT
the world. to suggest that there was some did of glass ceiling that not reach rupert murdoch or james murdoch, is astonishing. to suggest that a huge amount peopley was paid out to with whom senior executives were employed is incredible. i think the general public will draw the conclusion that it is astonishing that people at that wasl did not know what happening. as i said earlier, he was the top. >> [inaudible] to me, quite clearly rupert murdoch is fit to run an international company. he has been running businesses since before i was born. he has employed hundreds of thesands of people around world. he has made a huge difference to the media industry. we have seen absolutely no evidence to suggest that rupert ofdoch was aware of any these things that were going on at news international, news of the world. if i thought he had been aware of what was going on and andberately covered it up may be committed only a crime in doing so, then i would have been happy to say i do not think he is a fit person to run a company. we have seen absolutely no evidence to suggest that was the case. of
May 15, 2012 5:00pm PDT
rupert or james murdoch who are i suppose theflip her, to get her to give voluntarily the evidence against rupert or james murdoch who are i suppose the must not have been successful. >> i am sure they would have negotiated, tried whatever means to more information on how this might implicate mr. murdoch, mr. rupert murdoch or mr. james murdoch. and if they had any way of doing this, they would have gone down that route. >> is there a new theory perhaps, the organized crime, you took your secrets to your grave? that went out the window we started flipping oc guys in the '90s '90s. they were weaker. you see the godfather you think they are tough, not so much. maybe newscorp is the new blood oath with rupert. what do you think? >> it might be something quite close. one of the striking moments. several striking moments on this whole thing. one of the striking moments since this broke last summer was rupert murdoch arriving in london and being asked by reporters in the scrum: what's your priority? you know you've just shut down news of the world. your comp
May 25, 2012 12:00pm EDT
since turned to influence on politicians. would begin with rupert murdoch's son, james murdoch. he was brought before the inquiry to answer questions about the news corporation's bid to buy controlling shares in british media company bskyb. and meetings with the then prime minister tony blair and opposition leader david cameron, the current prime minister about the possible purchase. this is about an hour and 20 minutes. >> one could describe this in a number of ways. you use the term quite fairly, it could also be described as lobbying, couldn't it? >> yes. >> it could also be described as a private conversation with the prime minister making it clear the commercial concerns of your company and that he should issue a new understand him, is that right? >> i think, yes, it would have been entirely consistent with public statements, that would've made our others on behalf of the company would have made. and you know, nothing in communicating additionally would have been inconsistent with the companies of you on a further intervention into the market. >> would the purpose of the call
May 1, 2012 12:00pm EDT
and james murdoch, who were in charge of the company, must now answer for the. in the view of the majority of committee members, rupert murdoch is not fit to run an international company like bskyb. i personally am disappointed that some members didn't feel sufficiently convinced are confident to will the most powerful to account. they thought they could support sections 216-229 of the report. many hacking victims have still not been informed of what was done to them. and rupert murdoch has not said his last apology to the families of murdered children. let us also remember that this scandal cost many hundreds of journalists, innocent journalists their jobs. they found hard to find work. i know this because i provided references for a number of them. parliament was misled. that we now know. but there were four issues we couldn't get to the bottom of because of time constraints, decisions of the committee not to proceed, or because they fall outside. former member of the scottish parliament tommy sheridan lost his liberty on a majority verdict of the jury that was not in full possession of
May 16, 2012 4:00am EDT
we closed the paper there was no job there. >> i must have misunderstood what james murdoch said. he implied that you sacked him. but it's been a busy day. as a journalist and editor of "news of the world" and the "sun," how extensively did you work with private detectives? >> i think on the "sun" not at all. when i was editor of the "news of the world," as you know, i came before this committee, just as i became editor of the "sun," in relation to workplace privacy and operation motorman as it's called. and i think back then we answered extensively questions about the use of private detectives across fleet street. as you know, a chart was published of which i can't remember where the "news of the world" was on it. i think it was fourth. >> i think the sun on the table was below "take a break" magazine. but they're certainly in the top five was the observer, the guardian, the "news of the world," the "daily mail" -- >> to answer my question. >> can i just interrupt there? i'll declare i used to work for the "observer" but left in 2001. the "observer" was not in the top four. >> it's
Apr 30, 2012 6:00pm PDT
fighting between the two countries. the former chairman of news corporation, james murdoch, will be formally criticized by m.p.'s investigating the u.k.'s phone hacking scandal says the guardian, when a report being released tuesday is expected to fall short of accusing him and misleading parliament about the extent of his knowledge of the affair. the south china morning post quotes a u.s. human rights group, which says the blind chinese dissident is likely to be given asylum in america in the coming days as officials from both countries try to strike a deal before high-level talks begin in beijing. and those are the main headlines from around the world. this is "newsday" on the bbc. >> i'm gavin gray in london. the headlines this hour -- president obama's counterterrorism adviser john brennan has defended the american use of drone attacks to kill suspected terrorists. at least 100 people have drowned and another 100 missing from a capsized ferry in northeastern india. more now on our top story and john bellinger is a former legal adviser for the state department during the
May 3, 2012 7:00am EDT
in many respects to questions posed to james murder, the son of will for murdoch, and rupert murdoch himself. guest: they have given evidence. they were summoned to by levinson, who has subpoena power. host: we want to talk to melanie sloan about impact here in the u.s.. [video clip] >> we hired a law firm to look into this and aid our cooperation with the police. after the charging you -- not the arrest -- that was it, they were close to the files. i can't believe they would have done that and they were unhappy with our cooperation. >> that is not evidence we have had at all, mr. murdoch. it demonstrates the law firm you mention produced just one document, which you know, to not represent the position at all. one way or another, news international being obstructive. does it not shock you? >> it shocks me deeply, and i was not aware of it and i have not heard of it until he said that. host: this was done with support and guidance of the house of commons but it was a separate, independent inquiry. guest: a separate inquiry into this whole saga. the inquiry that concluded this week was
May 11, 2012 2:00am EDT
by mr. murdoch, a heavily advise buying rebekah brooks. >> i would have taken the view that james murdoch had not taken a senior role at "news international." i would have taken the view that it was going to be a combination of use. obviously, rupert murdoch will play a part in that. >> we will however murdoch. >> i was the party to the conversation. i think it is fair to say that the three of them would have been involved. >> you knew this organization very well. you knew how they operated. were you hired because he understood them? they knew the way in would prove his son and rebekah brooks act that was the dynamic. >> when you say the way in, the way into what? >> for the conservative party. >> it was an important line of communication. >> he was going to do as he was told. >> i do not accept that. and do not think i am in a position to say. i do not know what part it played. >> you have worked with him over the years. we have what some give evidence pim. you know that. >> i am not here to give the character assessment. i have no idea. you have a very disparaging view of show
May 1, 2012 4:00am EDT
's read on some other stories we're focusing on today. rupert and james murdoch expected to be sentenced for their conduct over the phone hacking scandal as the findings are published in to the affair. an awful day's of weather, katherine. what sort of shelter will be given to james murdoch from in in committee? will they go hard at him or not? >> my sources in the committee tell mina this report is likely to be highly krcritical, even damning. however the key point is that james murdoch is unlikely to be se censured for misleading the committee. they have been much criticized from the closeness to the murdochs to turn the debate around and put the focus right back on the murdochs and their role in phone hacking. the report is released to reporters at 10:00, but unfortunately yarks tell but it until 11:30 when i'll be back here on tell you all about it. >> all right. thanks for that. and of course we can follow you on twitter,s as well. we'll also take a look at which u.s. and european companies are the most shorted in the run up he earnings releases. says watch out for energy and biotec
May 6, 2012 8:00am PDT
-- >> like james murdoch? >> like james murdoch. that really is in complete disarray. this is like a pass of parcel of nasty surprises for news and nt is in the center of it because it hasn't stopped unfolding yet. >> in the united states, the fcc almost never yankees a television company's broadcast license. isn't that a real long shot, that the british regulate letter deuce do that to news corps? >> it is a very long shot. done it once in their existence, where they revoke the license of persian tvt is really very hard to imagine that something as established and actually generally respected as sky tv would actually is its license yanked but none of this narrative helps. there is gonna be more rev leagues this week. you have former news corps executives up in front of a third investigation economy, the levinson inquiry, where you have senior executives who will be talking about their relations with the conservative government in the uk in a pretty candid fashion and what it does is it just creates this long-term uncertainty about where this is gonna end. i have to say, it is pretty iso
May 1, 2012 1:00am EDT
last week after testimony by james murdoch. today, david cameron denied inappropriate dealings with rupert and james murdoch over the deal for british sky broadcasting. he was in front of the house of commons where he also defended the culture secretary. this is about an hour. >> an urgent question, mr. ed miliband. >> i would ask the prime minister if he would refer the conduct in respect to his dealings with ms. corp. to the independent adviser on ministerial inquiry? >> thank you. last wednesday i answered questions on this issue at prime minister questions. >> let me set out the position again. i sat out the levenson inquiry last summer to question the ethical at practices of the media and the relations between the media and the police and the media and politicians. it is a full inquiry with evidence given under oath and full access to papers and records. no government before has ever taken such comprehensive action. it is this government that is putting these issues properly on the table and getting them dealt with. let me deal of the three issues in this question. the con
May 11, 2012 6:00am EDT
think it might have been james murdoch but i don't know that. >> i be someone who enjoys classical illusions. was it a codename which anybody in government knew about? >> that i don't think so. spent esther osborne or mr. hunt? >> i never heard them acknowledge that name. >> okay. if you look at the list again of the with prime ministers, and identify whether bskyb bid was discussed on any relevant occasion. the night of october 2010 there was dinner at chequers with mr. cameron. might you have raised a question on that occasion? >> no. i'm pretty sure that was the birthday party. >> that's the private party we have covered about 50 minutes ago. what about the 23rd of december, 2010 in which you've already had some evidence about? >> well, it was rather than discussed at that dinner it was mentioned. i think james murdoch's testimony put that. and i was aware it was mentioned, but it was not by any means widely discussed at that dinner. it was mentioned because it was in the news because -- resigned from that role. >> were you party to any conversations along the lines that doctor
May 1, 2012 4:00pm EDT
results on thursday. >>> news corp., as the aim is at james murdoch. owning all of these stocks through its various funds. >> larry, let me start with you. they say rupert murdoch is not fit to run a media business. do you think he is? >> we're investors in the stock and since this hacking scandal has broken out, the stock has gone up and i think the market has it right here. the message is very simple. six times cash flow. rupert's acquisition activity has been a consolation prize that the company has been very aggressively buying its stock. it has enormous potential to do more of it. it is buying it at six times cash flow. a 16% return with negative 6% cost of debt. i think from the post of stock business. >> martin, we heard big numbers from cbs. that stock is higher. do you like that stock and what are the expectations this week? >> as you look at the group, i like cbs and time warner, the best out of the media group for fundamental reasons. and autos are 10 to 15% of cbs's advertising. the ratings are still the best. all ratings are soft. i'll put it in a big picture perspective. i
May 1, 2012 4:00am PDT
. >> james murdoch has hacked this entire operation. >> tom watson from british parliament has been coming out very, very harshly against rupert murdoch and it could prompt murdoch to sell his stake in british sky broadcasting. we'll continue to follow the story for you. let's go to christine for the rest of the morning headlines. good luck with technology. >> a sex tape john edwards recorded with mistress rielle hunter will play a role in the edwards' trial. jurors will not be able to see the tape just hear testimony about it. former aide andrew young stole the tape from hunter and tried to sell it or use it to threaten edwards as his attempt to cover up the affair unravelled. young's wife is due back on the stand today after breaking down in tears as she testified how the former senator asked her family to hide his affair with hunter for the good of the country. >>> a shocking new revelation in the amish beard cutting case. officials have found out that the leader of the group accused of cutting the beards of religious rivals is a millionaire. and now he has to pay for his public defende
May 1, 2012 9:00am EDT
months after news corp. chairman rupert murdoch and his son james murdoch testified before a particle meantry committee, the findings say -- particle meantry parliamentary committee, findings say they ignored evidence, covered up wrong doing it also says rupert murdoch is unfit to lead a major global company. news corp. is the parent company of fox 5. >> traffic alert to bring you now with information just in, to fox 5, there are some back ups happening, right now, as cars come off the 14th street bridge near 14th and independence, southwest, as they come off the 14th street bridge, coming into washington, this is due to an investigation of suspicious powder reported at the department of agriculture. if we get more information we will bring it to you. >>> coming up, dc judges answering your questions today, how you can take part. >> and miss america, laura kefler is in studio, she is in town for the annual power of a dream gala once the daughter of an incarcerated parent she is here to tell us her story and we say good job after the break i can't stand d these spots. those spots are
Apr 30, 2012 8:00pm EDT
and james murdoch over sky broadcasting. that is next on c-span. and john brennan defended not a u.s. program targeting al qaeda operatives. tuesday, a look at the state of out high-and afghanistan and pakistan one year after the death of osama bin laden. then we will hear from the environment and energy reporter. she will discuss the impact of environmental policies on the economy, and later, a special report by the veterans affairs department. mark thompson has an update. washington journal takes your calls live every morning. special advisor items smith resigned last week after testimony in front of an inquiry at the traditional media practices. today's british prime minister david cameron tonight inappropriate dealings over a bid for british sky broadcasting. the he was in front of the house of commons, where he also defended the secretary. this is about an hour. >> mr. ed miliband. >> to ask the prime minister if he will refer the conduct of olympic sports to the independent adviser of ministerial interesting. >> let me set out the position again. i answered this. i set up the
May 1, 2012 5:00pm PDT
of impropriety that seems to run all the way up to james murdoch. >> right. they have operations here -- >> and in australia. >> in australia. there's a web of issues here. >> the coincidence defense will no longer fly based upon the record in that report today. this is not going to be a story that disappeared tomorrow. >> i don't think so. >> thank you so much for your time tonight. >> thanks a lot. >> the gop are hypocrites and our political system is toxic. not news there. but it's now clearer than ever. [ male announcer ] this is corporate caterers miami, florida. in here, great food demands a great presentation. so at&t showed corporate caterers how to better collaborate by using a mobile solution in a whole new way. using real-time photo sharing abilities, they can create and maintain high standards from kitchen to table. this technology allows us to collaborate with our drivers to make a better experience for our customers. [ male announcer ] it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better. ♪
May 1, 2012 6:00am EDT
scandal and also criticized james murdoch, said it was astonishing that he did not ask more questions like just how far the scandal went. let's not forget this is a chance for british politicians to turn the tables on the murdochs after they were subject to a lot of criticism themselves. >> katherine, thank you so much for about that report. we appreciate. kayla is onset. this is pretty damning stuff. >> it is. and remember the two teams before last week that rupert and james murdoch appeared before the parliamentary committee, july of 2011, november 2011, this is that select committee releasing the report on their findings based on that testimony. two words i want to point out from a legal perspective. rupert murdoch not a fit person. fit is a key word because at the moment, the uk's version of the fcc is evaluating whether news corp is a fit and proper owner of bskyb. so if uk politicians are recommending rupert is not a fit person to run the company, that could have implications from what we see and whether news corp is allowed to own bskyb. secondly, willful carries a hint of sbeninten
May 3, 2012 1:00pm EDT
of the british media. it has culminated with james murdoch, the son of 4 per murdoch. >> indeed. they were summoned across the media. host: here is a headline -- we want to talk about the impact in the u.s.. rupert murdoch is getting question as part of the involvement in the phone hacking scandal and also its impact on the news of the world. let us watch. [video clip] >> we appointed a special offer to look into this and to aid our cooperation with the police. when the police, after the charging of him, they said that was it and they were closing the files. i cannot believe they would have done that if they were unhappy with our corporation. >> that is not the evidence we have had. we conclude that the law firm you mentioned produced one document, which we know not to represent the position at all. one way or another, the international being obstructed -- does that not shocked you? >> that shocks me deeply. i was not aware of it until you said that. host: that was from rupert murdoch. let us talk about this inquiry. this is with the support and guidance of the house of commons but it is a
May 11, 2012 8:00pm EDT
appointed chief executive international. >> 2009. i discussed the appointment with james and rupert murdoch. was it rupert murdoch's idea? >> i think it was more james in the beginning of both of their ideas. >> what was that job of interest to you? >> i think i had been editing for some seven years by then. i was interested in looking at the future of economic models of journalism. and how you continue financially to keep high-quality journalism going. i think the digital age in the ipad were all of interest to me. something i was looking forward to doing. mr. marion was a replacement. i think he was your recommendation? why? >> he had been my deputy for a few years so i had seen the paper that he edited in my absence and also i attended a few more business management programs in the last year a couple of modules and internal- meant -- internal management programs. i thought he was doing a very good job. >> and terms of the general political perspective where you stood compared to mr. murdoch, did he stand in the same place? >> domenic is not entirely the same as i am or mr. murdoch. but t
May 9, 2012 1:00pm EDT
with the police commissioner testifying with "culture of illegal payments at the sun" and james murdoch leaving. in march they bought every day but the first ramping up again in the first week and then again on march 13th following the second arrest of rebecca brooks. in early april james resigned as board chairman at be sky be. share buying spiked on the 10th of april at 1.25 million shares just that day. and on april 19th, a uk parliament committee announced it will publish its hacking report calling the elder murdoch "unfit to run the company." buying on that day doubled and would stay above a million shares a day for the rest of april. of course market rumors about the murdoch stepping aside, newspaper earnings have sure lu moved the stock as well. but the move upward and constant buying means investors hope to push for evidence for change won't get any and perhaps the new criticism is the company's draining $20 million a day on its own stock. tyler. >> fantastic reporting, tkayla, thank you very much. ceos writing a letter to tim geithner not to raise capitals and gains saying it's going t
May 1, 2012 8:00am PDT
, michael, at least the british lawmakers, in coming out against the 81-year-old rupert murdoch. >> reporter: exactly, thomas. this report is a bombshell. as recently as yesterday the british press, the guardian which has been the best uncovering the story had been focusing on what the report would say about james murdoch, rupert's son, and the heir apparent for the company and whether he misled the company. and i think misled the house of commons. but what nobody expected is that this was going to go right to the top to rupert murdoch, and what it says has widespread ramifications for news corp. in the u.s. it talks about his lack of candor, lack of openness, speaks volumes about the lack of al corporate governance at news corp. and we conclude, therefore, he's not a fit person to exercise the stewardship of a major international company. now, right now news corp. is facing u.s. justice department investigations for alleged bribery in russia, in china, and in the uk, paying off british police officers. it's facing major shareholder resolutions to break up the murdoch family control of the c
May 2, 2012 3:00am PDT
sanctions accuses murdoch and son james of turning a blind eye in a culture that sought to cover up rather than seek out wrongdoing. >> the wisconsin state journal, the first quarter of the year, republican governor scott walker raised a whopping unprecedented $13 million to defend himself from a recall bid. 2/3 of that money comes from out of state donors. and walker dwarfs his democratic rivals who raised a combined total of about $2 million. >>> "the new york times," the broadway musical "once" is topping the field with 11 tony award nominations this year. the play, "peter and the scar catchers," received nine nominations. the pulitzer prize winning "claiborne park" received four nominations including best new play. going to see that. >> isn't that great? >> yeah. >> and a measure that was long overdue, the "wall street journal," governor dan malloy says he will sign a bill to allow alcohol to be sold on sundays in connecticut. >> all right. >> mike barnicle is very happy. so when he is driving through the state, he can just pull over and get a six pack and keep driving in style. >> idi
May 1, 2012 4:00pm PDT
. the news of the world scandal still making news, still shaking the sprawling media empire of james and rupert murdoch. >> although the select committee vote was partisan, remember the labor politicians have had just as close ties to rupert murdoch as conservative politicians. in other news around the world, the libyan government has officially challenged the international criminal courts right to challenge muammar gaddafi son for war crimes. an arrest warrant was issued for him on charges of murdering and persecuting civilians. in the latest date of his landmark visit to burma, u.n. secretary general dunky man praised aung san suu kyi for backing away -- banga keyman praised aung san suu kyi -- ban ki moon praised aung san suu kyi. a judge has rejected dominicks foxconn's claim of diplomatic immunity. -- dominique strauss-kahn's claim of diplomatic immunity. secretary of state hillary clinton is now in beijing. a diplomat is in the eye of a storm. he escaped house arrest last week. neither side wants this issue to destroy strategic and economic talks. but can they keep it off the t
May 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
making news, still shaking the sprawling media empire of james and rupert murdoch. the u.s. secretary of state is beginning a high-stakes visit to beijing. >> she will find a diplomatic storm raging at the center of which is a blind dissident. chen guangcheng managed to escape house arrest last week and is reported to be under american protection. can they keep the issue off the table? >> surrounded by chinese security, the u.s. embassy in beijing now the center of the crisis. this man, the blind lawyer chen guangcheng, is believed to be sheltering with american diplomats. after is escape from seven years of captivity. he issued a direct challenge to china's leaders to punish those responsible for illegally detaining and beating him. it is a major embarrassment for them. his wife and daughter are still being held, intimidated for years by thugs hired by local communist party chiefs. when we tried to reach his wife and daughter i minded, we were blocked at the entrance to the village. there are real concerns his family is facing reprisal. >> a lawyer told does he has feared for the lif
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